Research Centre for Theory and History of Science

Research Topics

The RCTHS consists of three research teams, which focus either on philosophy of science or on the history of science in the Classical Antiquity, in the Early Modern times and in the twentieth century. Members of the teams investigate a variety of philosophical, cultural, and religious aspects of the history of science as well as of current science. In the history of science, members of the RCHTS prefer an interdisciplinary approach since it can lead to a deeper understanding of the studied phenomena. When successful, such approach can result in unexpected and original explanations of particular events in the history of science. This line of research also includes the history of scientific terms, history of metaphors used in science, and the history of scientific methods. In the philosophy of science, the RCTHS focuses on the philosophy of mathematics, interaction of philosophy with cognitive sciences, and on the new interpretations of the classical philosophy of science. In general, the RCTHS’s goal is to promote the establishment of closer links between philosophy and science.