Research Centre for Theory and History of Science


It is one of RCTHS' goals to organises or co-organises academic events such as seminars, workshops, international conferences, and lectures to support research, education and international collaboration.

Regular seminars are held on Mondays every two weeks during the academic semester. Each seminar presents research of RCTHS' members and provides unique opportunity to discuss the topic with other scholars in a collegial environment. It is also RCTHS' aspiration to address scholars from other European universities and to offer seminars with these special guests.

In 2012, we were proud to be a part of international congress SISFA 2012: the XXXII International Congress of the Italian Society of Historians of Physics and Astronomy, 27th-29th September 2012, Faculty of Engineering, University of Rome La Sapienza, Rome, Italy.

Since RCTHS is closely linked to the PhD programme entitled "Theory and History of Science and Technology", it became one of its interests to promote meetings of PhD and Postdoctoral students. Such conferences are held several times a year, organised by PhD students of the Department of Philosophy of the University of West Bohemia.